7 Best Ideas to Motivate Yourself

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7 Best Ideas to Motivate Yourself MakeLivingGoodHave you ever felt that you want to do something but lack motivation? and felt that you need something to motivate yourself. We all had been through that phase of life when our mind and heart aren’t aligned to achieve common results. I share with you my own experience and hope that you will learn few important tips from this 7 best ideas to motivate yourself.

Recently I had been working very hard for 3 months to generate content on various interesting topics but couldn’t publish much as you can see on this website. The reason being, I moved to next post too early without finishing the previous one. This left a backlog of unfinished posts.

Then all of a sudden I lost interest. Some say it’s because I burned myself for 3 months non-stop. But I feel it’s something else. My mind still wants to continue working on stuff I like but my heart lost motivation for some reason which I am not sure why. After spending 2.5 months doing nothing at all, I came across a book called 100 ways to motivate yourself by Steve Chandler.

This is an amazing book and I have just ready 30% of it so far since yesterday and I can’t unhook myself from it. It is so much engaging. I highly recommend this book to anyone needing a big amount of motivation. Yes, I meant it, ‘big amount of motivation’. You can guess how much just 30% of this book motivated me that I couldn’t stop myself from writing this post immediately.

Allow me to share with you 7 best ideas to motivate yourself which I learned in this book. I will keep updating this post until I finish the book, so please do check again for updates in future.

Here’s the first idea that opened my mind wide open:

Idea # 1 – Get on your Deathbed

I will reword it a little bit differently from author as I understand it and also to put it as an action plan for you to try it.

You should find a peaceful place to do this on your own. Let us assume you are calm and in a peaceful room now.

  • Imagine you are counting last few breaths and on your deathbed. Everyone has left the room.
  • Then the most important person in your life enters the room to meet you and say final goodbye. He or she is standing next to you, holding your hand. There’s complete silence in the room and it’s just you and the most important person in your life.
  • In your imagination, look into the eyes of the person and remind him/her of the best memories you both had together. It could be anything like a vacation you took together, activity, or just talking and sharing something important with each other.
  • Next tell the person what other things or activities you wished had done with him/her during your life. It could be anything which you couldn’t do so far or actually did but wanted to do again. It could be another vacation, or going for dinner, etc.
  • Lastly, tell the person what you wished had left for him/her but couldn’t. If other person is your children, then it could be some valuable assets, if it’s your life partner, it could be some form of income source so he/she could survive after you are gone. This is important so think carefully what you really wanted to leave behind.
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As I did this exercise myself, I made three realizations which are:

  • we all are mortals and our life will end on some day.
  • who is the most important person in my life.
  • what I need to focus on so I leave behind what I wished for.

This is a very powerful idea to motivate yourself. I highly recommend you to try this now and do it regularly so life’s focus isn’t lost in daily distractions.

Idea # 2 – Simplify Your Life

This is another great idea which resonated with me. One of the reason for losing motivation is overwhelmingly busy schedule which sucks the energy out of our soul. 

Steve, the author of 100 ways to motivate yourself, has shared a case of Bob Koether. Bob has an interestingly simplified time management system. His method is: 

Do everything right on the spot – don’t put anything unnecessarily into your future

According to him, whenever you got a task, just do it right away so your future is always wide open. 

For instance, say you have to pay a bill but you always wait till the last day. This keeps your sub-conscious mind always busy and thinking that you have a task which needs to be done in future. If you don’t want to give away your money before time, then you can atleast schedule an auto pay for the bill day. This simple change will free your mind from many tasks which you plan to do in future. Just follow Bob idea on time management which is;

Handle Everything Immediately

There’s another example of simplfying life which Steve shared and I liked it very much. Michelangelo was one of the greatest sculpturer in the world. Once Michelangelo saw a big piece of rock and he said;

I see a masterpiece in it. I just need to carve away what wasn’t necessary and I would have a statue.

In our cluttered lives too, there are many pieces of rock, which we just need to carve away what’s not neccessary to have a true masterpiece.

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Idea # 3 – Keep your eye on the Prize

There was an interesting talk by Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson to his football players before 1983 Super Bowl.

Jimmy laid a plank of wood measuring 2 x 4 ft in the room and told his players to walk across it and not fall. So did each player and none of them fell.

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Next he said if I put same plank of wood 10 stories high between two buildings, only a few would make it, because the focus now is changed to ‘falling’ instead of ‘walking’. 

I found this very true to human nature. We forget about our main goals and shift our focus on things not important or things which won’t help in fulfilling the goal.

I wish to remember this example forever so as to bring myself back to track whenever I loose it. I think this is a very powerful idea to motivate yourself for sure.


Idea # 4 – Build a Track Record

I can personally connect to this one. I start many things but finish may be just 50% of them. According to Steve;

It is not what we do that makes us tired, its what we don’t do

This is like he really nailed it. Later in the book he has recommended to keep track of things which you have finished. 

I would like to add something to it and in addition to keeping track of “Things I have finished”; I will also keep track of “Things I have started”.

In my notebook, on one page I have added “Things I have started” and on next page, “Things I have finished”.

Since I also want to know how many things I haven’t finished, so thats why I am keeping track of “Things I have started”. I will also put a date to each item started/finished to help me understand any delays later.

I think this is a wonderful idea and everyone should adopt it.


Idea # 5 – Kill your Television

I strongly feel that you will agree with me on this one. As per one study in US, on an average every household spend 7 hours a day in front of their television, as mentioned in this book. I think we should say ‘in front of their screens’ instead of television in today’s world, given there are so many devices nowadays. In past there was only one device (TV) but now there are many more devices with their bright screens. 

I read somewhere long ago that TV was originally designed to hypnotise masses which makes it a weapon of war. It has truly succeeded in engaging us in front of it for hours without realizing.

Steve has asked an interesting question in the book to determine if television motivates us more than books or not. He said, if we try to remember what we watched on television a month ago, we would have to think really hard. Even if we can recall it, can we tell what effect it had in inspiring us? Now do same for a book that you read a week or month ago. You will definitely remember it better than a TV show. 


Idea # 6 – Run your own Plays

This is important because I see it happening everywhere. We spend all our day reactive to things. We react to news, politics, we even react to behaviors of complete strangers on road.  At office, we react to an email we received, we react to what our boss told us, etc, etc.

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In short, our days are mostly a bunch of reactions. That’s how we live day to day. Think about it.

We can create our own plans in advance so that our life will respond to us. In other words, we should be ones creating events and not reacting to it. Ofcourse, I mean creating good events.

Steve in his book shared an example of Bill Walsh, the former head coach of San Francisco 49ers. Bill extensively planned every move in advance for his team while other coaches were planning on the go (I call it as “reacting according to a situation”). But Bill had everything already planned for all kinds of situations. This gave him tremendrous power to create the situations for other teams to react on and thus control the outcomes of game.


Idea # 7 – Make Today a Masterpiece

Many of us think our lives are infinite. Well, the truth is it’s not. As Steve Job once said:

Death is the destination we all share and no one has ever escaped it. That is as it should be. Because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

The author of this book has given an example of John Wooden who knew something profound which was:

Life is now.

Life is not later on and more we think we have all the time in the world to do what we want to do, the more we sleepwalk. 

With utter importance, we should try to make each day our masterpiece. Live a each day as if it’s our last day and do our best.

This approach will not only teach us the value of time but will also prioritize important things in our lives. I think this is the best advise someone could get. If you are young, then you should try to instill this one lesson into your daily life and surely you will be rewarded with great success down the path.


These are my 7 best ideas to motivate yourself from Steve Chandler’s book: 100 ways to motivate yourself.

If you liked to suggest any more ideas that you have learned, please share with all of us here in the comments. 

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