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Welcome to MakeLivingGood ♥

About MakeLivingGoodMy name is Raz and I started MakeLivingGood as a place to keep and store my thoughts & lessons I learned from others and things I love.

I live with my two beautiful daughters and an amazing wife in USA.

I have a degree in computer engineering and many years of experience in designing and developing computer applications. If you are in US, you might be using some of my applications directly or indirectly. Due to confidentiality clause I can’t share exact details.

I have a passion to read biographies and true life stories about financial miracles. My personal goal is to read at least one book a week which is going fine so far for many years now.

I do take notes of interesting things that I learned from books and would be sharing my interpretation about it with you at MakeLivingGood.

What I am interested in while reading biographies, is to learn from other people’s mistakes and how they overcome it and finally got their due successes.

I think that’s the formula for anyone to learn and grow in the fastest way possible. That is learn from other people’s mistakes and successes.

Over last one and half decade; life has thrown many opportunities towards me.

I caught some good ones but I also missed many.

Apple’s co-founder and my idol – Steve Jobs once said;

it’s possible to connect the dots when looking back in the past not into the future.

I use this in understanding what and why I missed some good opportunities at that time which I also write down in my posts about.

MakeLivingGood is a place for me to share my learnings & it’s my attempt to connect dots from my life experiences and from other people’s experiences as well, that I have read about.

I love writing about personal finance, how to earn more and save more & retirement planning. By nature I am a detailed person who wants to have perfect plan every time but I learned it’s not possible all the time.

Throughout my day I & my wife work really hard and we think that we need to start planning for next phase of our life which is to enjoy the life and live one. Really, our blog will be touching on that as well and you will find from time to time how we are working towards optimizing our lives.

We are good savers. Although we do not like to show off our assets or how heavy our wallets are, we like to buy things which have a purpose and really solve our problems. We love to live a simple life (some people call it – down to earth). My wife says we are one of frugal people. I respond by saying we aren’t frugal but we know value of money and how to spend it only on things that add value to our lives.

About Make Living Good

We love traveling, mostly road trips. I recently drove to Colorado and it was amazing experience. If you haven’t traveled there yet, then go there in Oct – Nov months unless you don’t like cold weather.

Why I love writing about personal finance and financial freedom. The answer is simple. I realized that we wasted a lot of time in our youth to build our wealth. I don’t blame me or anyone for it but just the lack of awareness and knowledge. When I learned about how compounding works, I was astonished to see how easily huge amount of wealth can be created and someone could be financially free by early 30s. I have written some posts about it too from my learnings, check them out if you haven’t yet.

Some say money can’t buy happiness. I agree but money can buy many things that can bring happiness to our lives. With this positive attitude, I decided to focus on money matters from day one I realized this. In other words, why wait for our retirement to think about how much have we accumulated to survive for rest of the life without job. I want to think about it today and plan for it now and I think you should too.

I hope through MakeLivingGood, I may be able to share few important things with you which would encourage you to take actions and free your life too. Financially and Spiritually.

Here are few posts which I am proud of and would highly recommend you to checkout while you are here:

Although we are still way far away from our financial freedom but we decided to start writing about what we are doing and take you with us on this ride. On this blog, you will find our story and life’s lessons presented to you through interesting articles.

If you are here for the first time and haven’t got chance to know MakeLivingGood website yet, then you can either start with above posts which would be a good place to start with or you can checkout specific sections – Financial Freedom , Early Retirement.

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Thanks for stopping by, and we wish you a wonderful day ahead.

♥ ~Raz~ ♥

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