Funny Story – Find me 5 Biggest Idiots

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I came across a funny story today which made me laugh for hours and I just wanted to share it with my readers just for fun.

Although funny, it offers some interesting lessons for everyone of us. So lets get started with it without wasting any time.

Long time ago there was a great kingdom ruled by a young king who was famous for his curious questions. Often he used to test his ministers by giving them challenging tasks.

One day King calls upon his favorite minister into his court and below is what happens next:

King: I want you to find me 5 biggest idiots in my kingdom and bring them in this court within 30 days.

Minister: As you command my Lord!

Minister leaves the court to find 5 biggest idiots in the kingdom.

A little introduction about the minister. This minister is loyal, clever and thinks differently from all others. His intelligence has impressed the king in past and that’s why he is the lead minister in king’s court.

After carefully searching biggest idiots as King ordered, the minister comes to King’s court on last day of the month.

King: I am pleased to see you back, Minister.

Minister: I am back at your service with the task completed as you commanded my lord.

Then minister calls for 2 men into King’s court.

King: I asked you to find me 5 biggest idiots but these are only 2 !!

Minister: My Lord, please allow me a chance to present them one by one.

King: Okay, carry on.

Then minister started presenting 2 idiots he brought to the court as follows:

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Minister: My gracious king, I found this man traveling on a donkey while keeping his luggage on his head so as not to hurt his animal. He is the first idiot.

Whats the Lesson here:

Learn to delegate and leverage other’s capabilities to finish the work faster and in a better way. Remember team work.

Hearing this story, King and his court laughed like crazy for a while.

King: What about 2nd man? Tell us about him now.

Minister: As you please my lord. This man is the second biggest idiot in the kingdom. One day I was walking on the street next to which this man owns a house.

I saw that some grass had grown up on his house’s roof and he was trying to force his cow climb up a ladder to graze on it.

Whats the Lesson here:

Don’t set unrealistic targets without realizing core capabilities and competencies.

Again, rest of the ministers sitting the court enjoyed the story and laughed for a while.

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King: Surely these two men are the biggest idiots I have ever seen. What about other 3? Did you find them?

Minister: My gracious lord. I had lots of important work to do for the state but I ignored all those and wasted entire month to find biggest idiots instead. This makes me the third most idiot in the kingdom.

Whats the Lesson here:

Never rush for jobs when there are better ways to spend that time doing something more important and valuable.

King burst into laughs like crazy and his ministers enjoyed the most intelligent minister in the court, calling himself an idiot.

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King: Who is the fourth Idiot? he asked anxiously.

Minister: Fourth idiot are all those ministers, soldiers and other folks who are present in this court and listening to me. They all have ignored their duties towards the kingdom and sat here to listen about the biggest idiots in the kingdom. According to me, they are the fourth idiots.

King: Well, then who is the fifth idiot?

Minister: I beg your pardon my lord but fifth idiot is the one who initiated this search – You.

Whats the Lesson here:

I read it somewhere, with great power comes great responsibility. Be mindful of your actions.

As this king was joyful he didn’t mind what his minister just called him. Instead he laughed with rest of the court.

Finally king was happy and congratulated his minister to finish the task on time and teaching everyone a great lesson.

I hope you enjoyed the story and learned key lessons here. If you have some interesting insights in this story, please feel free to share with all of us in the comments below.

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Funny Story – Find me 5 Biggest Idiots

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