Best Halloween Celebration Ideas

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Best Halloween Celebration Ideas- MakeLivingGood.comOver the years the meaning of Halloween celebration has changed a lot. From being celebrated exclusively by Celtic people 2,000 year ago, it has now transitioned into a holiday that is celebrated worldwide today.

It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Celtics believed that the gateway between both worlds – Our world and world of the dead, open on this day.

For ancient times, on this day, people used to make bonfires and get dressed up in weird costumes as part of Halloween celebration.

Even today Halloween is considered more of a celebration full of Halloween styled themed parties, adults and kids dressed in weird costumes & trick or treats for kids. In other words, it’s a celebration for all age groups.

A new age of millennial have risen who love to throw amazing Halloween themed parties to celebrate this day.

If you are interested in having such a party for your family or friends then I have found some great Halloween party ideas which won’t cost you much as well and will be a great fun day for entire family.

So, let us start with some home decor ideas for Halloween celebration first.


Home Decor Ideas for Halloween Party

Here are few amazing ideas to decorate your home for Halloween party.

Jack O’ Lanterns

Jack o' Lantern

Did you know that originally the ancient Celts carved large potatoes and turnips to make Jack O’ Lanterns out of them?

When this tradition was brought to USA by immigrants, they decided that Pumpkins which was native to America would be the perfect choice for carving Jack O’ Lanterns. This is how a new tradition began.

The purpose of creating these Jack O’ Lanterns was to scare away stingy Jack and other bad spirits which are supposed to wander around on Halloween’s day.

The Jack O’ lanterns are so popular that they have become the face of Halloween today.

Carving pumpkins can be a fun activity and a creative experience for your entire family. Kids absolutely love digging into pumpkins to get out its seeds. I know this because mine absolutely loved doing it. Here’s a great tutorial about how to carve your own pumpkin.

After you are done with carving few pumpkins, just put a small candle or a LED light under it. It will look amazing in night. You can put them anywhere in your house but I recommend to put them outside in front of windows or besides door steps or driveway.

Jack O Lantern MakeLivingGood

If you are interested in something ready to go and which can be re-used next year, then I found these great reusable Jack O’ Lanterns and some cute little lanternsĀ which I am sure you will love too.


Serve Your Guests in Halloween Style

To server our guests, I found a cool set of Halloween special plates and other stuff that serves almost 20 guests. This is a great deal for buck too. You can get it here.

Welcoming Guests Halloween Style

It should be an out of world experience, when guests arrive at the venue for Halloween party. That’s why I loved this simple product which will raise the bar for any party host.

Witch’s Kitchen!

Halloween Party Garage Cover - MakeLivingGood

Now this is something interesting and it will definitely give a boost to your Halloween party experience.

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It’s time to decorate your home’s outdoors too. You can use Jack O lanterns made out of pumpkin on driveway and few big lanterns at a dark corner too. Besides that you can also try out special Halloween lantern led lights which are great to decorate around the door or over garage.

While talking about decorating garage, here’s a spooky idea to make your home look like a Halloween lab house. This is a must checkout item.


If someone at party is dressed up as a witch or black cat, then this cover completely goes with it and completes the story. These little details in items can really add great memories to your party years down the line.


It’s time to dress up in a Halloween costume

Most of the parties we all go to, we try to dress up in a way to look the best.

At Halloween, its opposite. We have to look the most scariest and creepy person at the party. That’s the beauty of Halloween parties.

Here are few Halloween costume ideas for kids which are budget friendly too.

The Cutest Bat

This cute bat is amazing for little ones and I have ordered same for my daughter. It’s comfortable and she looked super cute in it.

Baby Bat

Or let your baby play around in this comfortable and super cute pumpkin devil costume.

Pumpkin Creeper Costume

A Little Fairy in your Backyard

I have a toddler who loves to pretend play as a fairy or princess. Although she loves to boss around her little sibling which is far from being a fairy. LOL. šŸ™‚

Here’s something we found for her which she is waiting to wear on Halloween party in school.

Fairy Dust

We don’t need to break banks to come up with cool costumes for kids. For instance this one, it didn’t cost us much and it will go with any regular dress.

To make a great fairy costume all you need is a nice dress from your little one’s closet, a pretty hairdo and a pair of magical wings and wand to turn your little girl into a gorgeous little fairy.

Here is something to get you started on making this magical dream possible.

In case you want to go a notch up, then here’s another cool costume that will turn your little princess into a Greek Goddess. I am sure she would love it too.

Greek Goddess

I also found a set of accessories at a great price that can be clubbed with your kids own clothes to make a perfect Halloween costume.

The Halloween Sheriff is here

How can we neglect boys, so here’s a cool idea for little boys. What I liked about this is that it can be used even after Halloween. So, more use for each penny spent.

Little Sheriff in town

When everyone seems to be out of control on Halloween, your little guy can keep everything in order. Get a nice sheriff kit, pick a plain shirt, fitted pants, a pair of boots and you have a new sheriff in town.

If your kids love super heroes or like characters, then here is another set of accessories that they will absolutely love. This will be a perfect gift and will definitely make his/her day.

Super Hero Accessories

I have only included the costumes which won’t cost much and in most cases can be clubbed with existing dresses from your closet.

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Sizzling Butterfly at the Halloween Party

Now it’s time for some sizzling ideas for adults. I personally liked this first one and would love my wife try this out on Halloween’s party.

Butterfly Wings MakeLivingGood

Women can play around with their looks and here is an accessory that can be used with a nice dress or just a pair of black tee-shirt and black pants that you might already have. It will make you a nice Halloween costume for under $20.

It looks nice with anything and the best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about the size as it fits well on women of almost all sizes. Just try not to go over boarded with too much print in your attire.

In case you are also super heroes lover, then here’s a super women tee-shirt that makes an awesome Halloween costume too. It’s easy to wear, comfortable and looks super cool.

Super Women

I also found this similar robin tee-shirt that comes with a cape and eye mask. It could be a great gift for your hubby.

Shh… there is a Zombie out there

In case you want to play at levels other can’t even imagine then this one is for you. Just looking at this item, makes me run away. Imagine what will happen to your audience when you make a grand entry in the party.

Zombie in the party

To complement your zombie look,Ā just put some white powder and few scratches with maroon and brown lip color over your face and arms. And here is a headpiece that will complete your Zombie look for the evening.

Finally,Ā you have a scary zombieĀ walking around in your party. I can guarantee, this guy will be the center of the party.

If you are not looking for something that scary then here is a gangster kit that looks cool too.


The Halloween Food

If you have reached this far, then you might be hungry as much as I am now.

Here are few amazing Halloween party dinner ideas that you & your guest will absolutely love.


Let’s get the drums rolling

Like every party our Halloween party also needs to start with some deliciously spooky starters.

Jalapeno Popper Mummies


These sizzling Jalapeno mummies not only look hot but taste hot too. The creamy filling and the crispy chewy bandages (crescent dough) taste great. To top it all theĀ Candy Eyes completes its spooky look. I absolutely astonished by the creativity of chef on this one.

I would love to have it in my Halloween party and make everyone’s head turn around. Don’t miss this one if you are planning to cook yourself. Your guests will love it.

Get full recipe here

Graveyard Taco Cups

Graveyard Taco Cups

Here’s another cool Halloween celebration party recipe. These Taco cups look so fancy which I think your guests will simply love specially kids.

Everyone puts a bowl of chips, salsa, guacamole or some other form of dip. But just presenting all these ingredients in the perfect way makes it so much better. Above all it is made with fresh and healthy ingredients which makes it just perfect. Also, your guest will really enjoy it as it is healthy and guilt free eating.

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Get full recipe here

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Halloween Party Dinner Ideas

Not just these recipes are great but they are amazingly looking too. I just want to eat each one of them. They look so different from what we usually eat.


Shredded Chicken and rice stuffed peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers

These little Jack O’ Peppers are perfect for a Halloween party. They taste great and look adorable. This recipe is great for any night. On the day of your party all you have to do is mix the ingredients, assemble them and put it in the oven.

Get full recipe here


The Halloween Spaghetti

Halloween Spaghetti Recipe

This dish sticks perfectly to the Halloween theme. It is a colorful twist to the original red sauce spaghetti. And it’s a great way to present your food at your Halloween celebration’s dinner table.

Get full recipe here


A Perfect Ending to Your Halloween Celebration

Here are few Halloween party dessert ideas for your guests. I found so many ideas but due to limited time and space, I have only added what I & my daughter absolutely loved.

Strawberry Ghosts

strawberry ghosts

Here is a healthy desert that your guests will go crazy for. These little strawberry Ghosts are easy to make and people of all ages will love it.

Get full recipe here


Dirt Pudding Cupcakes

dirt pudding cupcakes

Although I am not a fan of cupcakes but these ones looked so delicious that I have to add this recipe to my list. This is number 2 in Halloween style dessert ideas.

For those who love cakes, this recipe is simply irresistible. Especially for people who love chocolate. It’s a perfect ending and a delight to your taste buds.

Get full recipe here

Here are some cupcake decoration helpers that will help you make awesome looking Halloween themed cupcakes at home.


Thirst Quencher for your Guests

How can we forget about the drinks and beverages. Well it’s Halloween day so our guests must not sip on regular colas.

Easy Halloween drinks

This one is an eye popper, literally. I absolutely loved the presentation here and chef has done an excellent job here.

Moreover this isn’t difficult to make as well. I highly recommend you to make enough of it, because this is going to be the star of your Halloween dinner party. I can guarantee it.

Get full recipe here


Halloween celebration is all about partying with your loved ones and having fun. Dress up, have great food and drinksĀ and enjoy your Halloween celebration.

These are some of the cool ideas for planning your Halloween party this year. I would love to know which Ā of these ideas did you try &Ā loved. Let us meet in comments below.


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