Healthy Desserts Recipes for Guilt Free Indulgence

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Apple pie bites - Healthy Desserts Recipes - Sticking to healthy eating is not an easy task, especially for someone with a sweet tooth. One of this year’s resolution for our family was to eat healthy, exercise daily and spend more quality family time.

When it comes to desserts we all have different choices in the family. My wife is more inclined towards eating deserts like puddings, chocolate cakes and mousse. I am, on the other hand love baked banana walnut cake & frozen strawberry or mango yogurt while our daughters love anything that tastes sweet.

I don’t think anyone would need special occasions to enjoy desserts. At home, we celebrate with desserts even when there’s a nice movie playing on TV or my daughter scored good grades in her weekly test.

As you might have already realized by now, that how important desserts are in our family, so it is important that we eat healthy desserts only. Otherwise our resolution of staying fit and eating healthy foods for 2018 will be broken.

That’s why I am going to share with you our favorite healthy desserts recipes in this post. We have tried them all at home and I highly encourage you try them too. Each one of them are healthy & delicious dessert. So, here we go:


Top 10 Healthy Desserts Recipes


1. Lemon Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

This is one of our favorite recipes and that’s why it’s at the top of the list. It’s light, loaded with fresh flavors. It is low in calories too so its a great option to enjoy a healthy dessert guilt-free.

When we tried this at home, at first it was a little tricky to get the right consistency but after couple of attempts it became much easier. I recommend to use a blender to get good consistency which also helped us.

This recipe is really playful, my wife has been going crazy with the ingredients lately. We tried strawberries and banana mix, then we gave a try to kiwi and key-limes mix, it turned out to be tangy but it was refreshing too.

We always try out different variations to make the meal suit our tastes. Moreover, it’s fun too. So, I recommend you to go wild with different combinations of your favorite fresh fruits to create your own guilt free healthy desserts recipes. If you find something cool, please do share with us & all readers in comments below.

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2. Baked Peaches

This is one of the best healthy desserts for kids that we feel is the easiest to make as well. You just need few ingredients and a baking dish to make it.

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Honestly it was a little difficult to get my daughter to eat it at first as, she said its just a fruit. But we topped it with some fresh frozen yogurt that we made with peaches and mango and it was a great success. I also recommend you to involve your kids while preparing this one, it will be a great activity for your kids too and they will eat it as their reward afterwards.

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3. Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well some people might not but most of us do. So for all chocolate lovers this is a lighter version to the rich gooey chocolate mousse. This recipe is really easy and we have actually stopped buying those pre-packed chocolate pudding cups after trying this recipe.

Even though its lighter and less sweeter, it satisfies your chocolate cravings and gives you feel good factor as you know you didn’t load up on those extra calories and ate healthy. I have also written about the best healthy dinner recipes that your family will love tonight. I highly recommend you to check that to get some interesting dinner ideas for tonight.

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4. Banana Split Bites

Banana-Split Bites

Every weekend we try coming up with some interesting family activity that we can do together with kids.

From building a wooden doll house for our kids, or packing sandwiches and going for a picnic with kids, or building a new board game that even a 4-year-old can enjoy, we have done it all.

I was looking for such activities when I came across this healthy fruit dessert recipe. We all loved it. Especially my daughters. My elder one loved putting all the ingredients together and my little one just loved nibbling the fruits, while we were making it. This recipe is a great after school snack and for us it proved to be much more fun making it. Moreover it is a healthy dessert recipe that people of all ages will enjoy.

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5. Brown Rice Kheer (Rice Pudding)

brown rice kheer

Indian food is full of flavor and aroma. But when I was making a list of healthy desserts recipes, I never thought an Indian recipe to be a contender for it. The reason being, as far as I know Indian food, especially their desserts are supposed to be rich & full of fat.

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As most of the Indian desserts are made in ghee (clarified butter), heavy cream, nuts & all sorts of cinnamon like herbs, it becomes impossible to find a healthier yet delicious option.

We tried this recipe during our week of going all Vegan. It was really a treat and we surely like it as we were not familiar with vegan options before starting this diet.

After we were off this diet we tried this recipe with skim milk and it turned out to be really delicious. To make this even healthier we added some almonds slices and few cashew nuts in it. We also replaced regular sugar with honey which is a healthier option. We even tried once with some flax-seeds in it. It was amazing and that’s why anytime we make it, it finishes very quickly.

Since we learned it hard way, I highly recommend you to use a heavy bottom pan on medium to low heat while trying this healthy desserts recipe otherwise it easily burns and leaves a smell of burned milk which spoils the taste.

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6. Easy Skinny Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Nutri-bars are good snacking options but let’s be honest what works better than a homemade healthy snack bar.

The good thing about nutri-bars is that we can make them in bulk and eat them over next couple of weeks without they going stale.

This recipe is also a great substitute to packaged chips or cookies. The moment I found it, I wanted to try this out. I think it’s a healthy desserts for kids as well and we can pack it in their lunch box.

If your kids do not like strawberry, then try other fruit options but overall the recipe won’t change much.

When I tried this one at home, it turned out to be chewy but delicious which my kids loved. I have plans to make similar snacks using fresh mango when season comes back.

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7. Skinny Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bars

Here is one of the healthy desserts recipe which is just perfect if you are having kids over for sleepover.

It’s a sweet sandwich which kids absolutely would love. I believe it will be perfect summer brunch due to refreshing flavors that comes with it.

Graham crackers come in use to make lot of desserts and this is another great way to use it. This recipe works quite well for my family as we all love strawberries and graham crackers.

I tried it with frozen berries that I bought from Costco two weeks ago and it was still good.

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8. Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes

OK, I know what you might be thinking? Cheesecake and healthy?

Yes, any recipe can be made healthy with right ingredients and control over portion sizes.

If you are looking for healthy desserts recipes then choose the healthier version of ingredients and that’s something we have extensively tried this year on other meals too.

I would love to know what alternatives you used to make a meal healthier in the comments below. Believe me it will be a great help to me as I am constantly looking for healthy eating ideas.

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9. Easy Apple Pie Bites

Surprisingly this one proved to be one the easiest to make although at first glance it seemed complicated.

I wasn’t completely sure if I should share this recipe under healthy desserts recipes or not. The reason for it was that I wasn’t convinced on using original crescent rolls as a healthy option. So we thought of finding alternatives and finally replaced them with the reduced fat rolls cooked at home.

What I liked about this recipe is that it’s perfect for those times when you have to fix a dessert fast that looks fancy and kids would love.

The fresh apple and cinnamon filling tastes awesome. It really tastes like eating mini versions of apple pies.

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10. Avocado Coconut Burfi

Avocado Coconut Burfi

Burfi is a very famous traditional Indian dessert. It comes in countless number of flavors. For instance there’s a pistachio flavored burfi. There’s also cashew nuts burfi which is also known as Kajju Katli that you can find in any indian grocery store. There’s even chocolate flavored burfi.

What I think is – you name the flavor and there is a burfi for it.

It’s more or less like a fudge bar but much tastier and fresh.

It isn’t hard to cook this recipe and there are many healthy options available in it.

For instance this recipe is great for anyone looking for healthy desserts.

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I hope you will love each of these desserts which are not just delicious but also healthy and much more fun to make with family. I would love to know your favorite yet healthy desserts. Let us meet in comments below.


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