How Highest Paid Youtubers Make Millions

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Highest Paid YoutubersI remember until a few years ago, not a lot of people took YouTubers seriously. In fact, a lot of people mocked them for making a career out of this video giant. But, now that we are almost done with 2019, I’m seeing a lot of minds changing and accepting that YouTube blogging is an actual option to make a living, all thanks to the highest paid youtubers. They have been instrumental in changing the minds of millions worldwide and hence, a lot of people today want to learn how to become a YouTuber and earn a living out of it.

Youtube as a Career Choice?

YouTube in a lot of ways has redefined blogging. It has become a viable business option for many, while a lot of YouTubers have gone on to pursue their careers outside YouTube because of the fame and exposure this platform gave them.

YouTube is no longer just a website teenagers and kids log on to for entertainment, even adults browse through this search engine looking for tutorials, vlogs, advices, how-to videos, educational videos and much more.

It is a full-fledged search engine; you name it and YouTube presents a dozen videos relevant to your search keywords.

Catering to Billions of Users Daily

YouTube being the largest user generated content platform, provides artists immediate access to approximately 1.3 billion users on a daily basis.

Anyone can become a Youtuber today, all you need is to create your channel for free and start uploading your videos.

It is however important to understand that success cannot be achieved overnight, especially on YouTube. All the highest paid YouTubers have put in years of hardwork and creativity to get to the point where they are counted among the richest youtubers today.

The highest earning youtubers earn money through ad revenue, affiliate marketing, partnering with brands, merchandising and selling premium content such as courses or entertainment videos.

Making money on YouTube is fairly easy, there are a ton of articles and even YouTube videos that simplify the monetization process for beginners.

We’ll get into those details too but first, let’s take a look at some of the highest paid youtubers as of December 2019.

Highest Paid Youtubers

1. Ryan Kaji

Our first & highest paid youtuber is a child, Ryan.

When Ryan began unboxing toys on his channel – Ryan’s World, he was just 3 and today, this eight-year-old is the highest grossing YouTuber making him a star-kid.

He is now seen conducting scientific experiments on his channel and he has also significantly achieved success beyond YouTube. He stars in a show Nickelodeon, has struck a deal with Hulu too and has a line of toys and clothing items with his picture on them, earning him lots and lots of royalties.

Gross Income = $26 million

Number of Subscribers = 22.4 million


2. Dude Perfect

If you are want to watch really interesting videos and thrilling challenges, then you will love Dude Perfect’s channel.

A group of 30 something guys started this channel wherein they put up videos performing stunts and breaking Guinness World Records. 

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Over the years, it has really grown to be one of the top channels on youtube today.

I really liked their videos and subscribed to them just after watching few of their videos over a night. Just check them out, you will not be disappointed.

They are not just limited to youtube anymore but infact, some of their highest viewed videos helped them land a show on Nickelodeon called ‘The Dude Perfect Show’.

Gross Income = $20 million

Number of Subscribers = 47.7 million


3. Jeffree Star

Jeffree’s youtube channel is a perfect example of using your passion and turning it into a business line.

He started out his youtube channel with makeup tutorials and eventually launched his own makeup line.

His business makes him a revenue of whopping eight figures and he still has continued creating makeup tutorials on YouTube.

He is often seen collaborating with celebrities on his channel. So, if you are someone with interest in makeup tips, then you must watch his channel.

Gross Income = $17 million

Number of Subscribers = 16.8 million

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4. PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) – $13 Million

Despite a number of controversies, PewDiePie has still managed to rank among the highest paid Youtubers.

He has been associated with YouTube since 2010 and has the most number of subscribers on YouTube as of today.

The pro gamer creates comedy videos and sells his own merchandise. 

This guy is amazing and has collective views on all of his videos of about 24 Billion. 

If you are starting on youtube or struggling with low number of views per video, then you should definitely look at this guy’s channel.

Gross Income = $13 million

Number of Subscribers = 102 million


5. Logan Paul

This vlogger hasn’t lost much of his audience despite the occasional controversies he often gets himself into.

He started out making funny vines and eventually moved to YouTube with comedic content.

Logan has also created music videos and even vlogs his travel experiences. He is one of the most infamous YouTubers currently but still one of the top earners.

This could be his niche being a bad boy and attract the audience to his youtube channel.

Gross Income = $12.5 million

Number of Subscribers = 20 million


6. VanossGaming

Evan Fong started his youtube channel in 2011 where he plays games online, like Call of Duty and has voiced all the characters appearing in these videos.

Evan has gone on to work as a Creative Director of a video game, as well as authored a computer-animated show too.

Most Youtubers have now gone on to branch outside YouTube and a lot of them have found success outside youtube as well.

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Gross Income = $11.5 million

Number of Subscribers = 24.8 million

I think this has answered most basic question about retiring earlier. Youtube can be a source of passive income which can free us from daily jobs and make living good in true sense. 🙂

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Most of youtubers have diversified into multiple sources of income, which others are still addicted to youtube platform and continue producing creative and engaging content for their subscribers which is the key to success on platforms like youtube.

Now the question is how do they make money?

How do YouTubers monetize their Channel?

I’m sure most people might be completely confused how do YouTubers really make money and how much approximately they earn.

I was confused as well initially and then I did some research to find it out. Here’s the gist of my research.

Let’s delve into the money-making part of YouTube without further ado.

The figures against each of those names are a staggering sum but they have all gotten there after putting in years of hardwork in producing creative and engaging content consistently.

In reality, when you are starting out, you might just make a small fraction of it or maybe none. But do not be disheartened, with the right techniques, you can get there too.

I thing that I understood from all these top earning youtubers is that the monetization process is entirely based on the number of views you get, so the more views you are able to attract, the more you’ll earn.

An average YouTuber makes anywhere between $3 to $5 per 1,000 views.

A lot of YouTubers use following techniques to earn money, including some of the above-mentioned YouTubers:

Ad Revenue

The most common source of earning revenue from your youtube channel is through advertisements. 

This is how most bloggers make money today.

It is very siimple to setup as well. After setting up youtube account, upload few videos and enable advertisement on them from account page.

Once that is done, google will show ads on your videos after they hit a total of 1000 views.

As a general rule, google shares upto 45% of the ad revenue google is charging to it’s publishers.

Every click earns you a certain amount which varies based on how much popular your youtube videos are. More popular videos get more returns per click. To settle the account, Youtube pays once account accumulates over $100.

Affiliate Marketing

If you really want to earn big from youtube channels, then you need to learn the game of affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s product to your audience and any sale you make, you get a cut of it.

Some publishers give away upto 90% of their sale price. Yes, you read it right.

So, if you sold some product to your audience for say $100. You have affiliate commission set to 90% with it’s publisher. After every sale, you get $90 into your account.

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On a side note, want to know how I made over $5000 from credit cards without spending a dime or collecting points?

What will publisher gets out of it? Brand awareness. Often these products incur very low cost to manufacture or none (for instance ebooks, online courses, etc).

If you have good subscriber base and regular visitors to your youtube channel, you must look into setting up affiliate links into video description, inside video, etc. to really boost your revenue stream.

Sponsorship or Branding Partners

Another common way to make lots of money on youtube is through sponsorship.

Basically how this works is; imagine you have how to videos on makeup tips. These videos are very popular and you are getting consistent visitors to your videos.

Brands are always watching for platforms where they can advertise their products to acquire new customers.

So, what you can do is, talk to these brands and ask them to sponsor your videos. They will literally pay you 1000s of dollars to just refer their brand name in your existing or new videos.

This is one of the easiest way to monetize your past work.

But in order to start getting response from sponsors, you need your channel setup and popular or atleast have good traffic flowing consistently. 


This one is little hard but it is successfully done by all highest paid youtubers.

Once you have cracked a niche on youtube and got a good subscriber base, you can definitely explore merchandising your products and create a brand outside youtube.

This requires a lot of work though. But if you have a hit youtube channel, you can probably hire few employees to help you do it.

Across all the major highest paid youtuber, I have found these common themes. 

I would recommend you to start small, and then consistently add more niche videos to your channel.

It is important to stick to a niche rather than going all over the place and adding all sorts of content.

Eventually you want your youtube channel to be known for a niche and satisfy a specific clientele.

I hope these ideas will motivate you and help you to explore youtube as a source of passive income. I have written in detail about more passive sources of income in past. You can read more about other ways at:

I would like to hear your experiences so please share them below in comments.

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