How to make money as a teenager

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How can teenagers make money? Extra cash becomes a necessity when one becomes a teenager. Growing up, kids have to depend on their parents for many things. As they develop into teens, they want to feel self-sufficient and do things on their own. I’m sure all of us have been through times when we needed/wanted some extra money.

As a teenager, I had about 3 jobs that helped me get through the month smoothly. However, with the massive surge of technology today, finding a job or means to make money has become very convenient.

It is extremely vital that growing kids and teenagers are imparted a sense of responsibility and independence by their parents. That way, not only will they stop being dependent on their parents but also learn to value their hard-earned income.

Potentially, if someone is willing to work hard, they can take up more than the traditional side jobs. But for those who want to be old school, you are in luck because we have a lot of ideas for both online and offline modes of how to make money as a teenager.

If you are a teen looking for money-making opportunities that will cover your basic expenditures, you are in the right place then. I want to share some tried and tested ways of how to make money as a teenager.

As teens, we also have obligations of studying and developing skills for the future. So, considering that I came up with these ways of earning part-time income. That said, some of the ideas could potentially become a full-time job for you and while others might simply be a means of earning extra money.

I’d strongly suggest, do not look down upon any of these jobs because they are important and earn a livelihood for many. In fact as a teenager me and my friends have tested many of these, and we all have some good lessons to learn from our early experiences.

Waiting tables

The restaurant industry is one of the most flexible industries that one can come across when it comes to doing part-time jobs. Many students like to work in fast food chains for the sheer reason that they get flexible hours. All major restaurants offer training to their employees before joining. This helps them to develop the skills they require for the job.

Most big fast-food chains offer good per hour rate to their employees. One of my friends use to work at Mc Donalds as a teenager and made a decent amount of money at that time. So if you are looking for a 20hrs weekly job, then this might be a good fit for you.

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A lot of celebrities and famous personalities have mentioned about waiting tables as teenagers or in their early 20s. This is a bit of a tedious job, but it does pay well and you get to keep your tips too.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing needs very little experience to start with. For some states in the USA, this is considered a seasonal job due to the extreme winters. Even then, as a teenager, seasonal jobs can be great for making some extra cash during the summer breaks.

Baby Sitting

Did you ask how to make money as a teenager? Well, baby-sitting is one of the best ways to earn money. If you have a knack for handling younger kids then this job is for you. Parents are always on a lookout for babysitters and if it is a teenager they can trust, it’s always a plus for both. The compensation is usually quite generous, especially around the holidays.

Car wash

There are many chores that teenagers can take up and make money from like washing cars. This is a job you can conduct as a group too. Take help from your friends and offer them a cut from the payoff. Many kids take up this as a summer job. You can do with a simple investment of buckets, soap, and a washcloth. You can even make it fancier with offering car wax.

Take Surveys

Wondering how to make money as a teenager, this is a great way to earn a little money in your spare time. You basically get paid to share your opinion. There are hundreds of platforms that provide paid surveys, quizzes and more. Taking a survey is perfect for teenagers especially since you have so many commitments and priorities with your schools and extracurriculars that take up all the time. So, this is a fruitful way of passing time too.

Make money by becoming a YouTube Teenage Sensation

YouTube is and will remain relevant to most people globally, for a long time. For someone who is searching on how to make money as a teenager, YouTube may be the perfect opportunity to make some cash.

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If things go well, turn this side gig into a full-time career. A lot of teenagers have made their channels on YouTube, where they post entertaining content and earn a good sum with their own hard work and talents. There are several teenage YouTube stars who are inspiring people across the world.

Your videos could literally be about anything, sky is the limit. Of course, you have to do this while following YouTube’s guidelines. There are teenage stars on YouTube who are putting comedy sketches, ‘Vine’ like video compilations, DIY videos, makeup tutorials, scientific experiments, singing and dancing, educational material, and more.

Festive Bake Sale

You will always find this on every list of how to make money as a teenager? Teenagers who have a knack for cooking and baking, this is another solid way for you to earn money.

Everyone loves homemade sweets around the holidays, they also make for very good holiday gifts. So, for those who do not find the time to make homemade sweets for a big family dinner or to hand out to their friends, you can sell your handmade sweets to them.

Learn recipes online or ask your parents to help you make holiday chocolates, cupcakes, cakes and candies, and sell them to neighbors, friends and family members. Be it Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, doing this will earn you money.

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Garage Sale

A lot of old toys, old magazines, books, stationery, furniture, collectibles, appliances and more can be sold at a garage sale. Plan a garage sale every year and choose the stuff you would like to sell. This is a genuinely good way for teenagers to earn money and also, it teaches you to not hoard things you don’t use anymore.

To spread the word about your garage sale, you can:

  • You can print out flyers and distribute across the neighborhood.
  • Post a sign across the closest intersection.
  • Wats app an invite to your group of friends.

Run Errands for Money

A great way for teens to make money is by helping run errands for parents, grandparents, or neighbors. For example, making a quick local grocery run for your grandparents, help cleaning the backyard, shoveling snow, help decorating for holidays, and more.

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Make Deliveries

Be it for a restaurant, a courier company or any other kind of door-to-door delivery service, sign up to do it in your spare time. Diners and Pizzerias normally hire young adults and teenagers for doorstep delivery, and the pay is pretty decent too. Plus you can earn tips too if the customer is generous and happy with your service.

Work at a Departmental Store:

When you walk into a store, you’ll find several young people rushing to attend you. You can be one of them. It might sound boring but since it pays well and you get to interact with lots of people through your day, it might be good to have this experience on your resume too.

Make money by becoming a teenage blogger

This idea has everyone shocked because this has actually become a legitimate profession. All you have to do is create a basic website/blog (WordPress blogs are very easy to learn), or a social media handle where you post content like blogs or vlogs daily. Through blogging, you can grow as an influencer and earn through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships.


If you are good at writing, designing or any such services that you know you can be paid for, go for it. You can become a Content Writer, a Graphic Designer or anything that requires basic knowledge and talent.

These are some of the basic and easy jobs off the top of my head on how to make money as a teenager. This will not only help you earn enough money to get through the month but will also help you build a work ethic and character.

Many of the teenagers I know are doing most of the technologically advanced jobs and doing well for themselves. It is important as teenagers to learn the kind of hard work that goes into earning even a few bucks.

Let us know in the comments below if you too have any more ideas for how to make money as a teenager, and share your experiences with us.

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