10 Best Ideas to Make Money Online

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Let’s be honest, we all want a little extra cash in our pockets to buy things that make us happy. For some, it’s a new house or a car, and some people simply like to save up. Ever since the onset of the internet, it has become quite easy to make money online. Now, there are variety of diverse and easy sources for anyone who would like to earn a few extra bucks or even work full time and earn well comfortably.

At my friend’s party, I came across this topic and was inspired to write about it. Some of the ideas they have been using on the internet to earn money amazed me. Before you all go gung-ho, it’s important to realize that all of these methods take time, and a serious amount of work has to be put in a few of them to see the meaningful returns. Having said that, here are the few ways that will help you earn a side income and has a potential to turn into a full-time job too.

If you are reading this during a holiday season then I have specifically captured some great ways to make extra cash in during holidays.


Put your skills to use, something that you already know and sell it online on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, upwork, freelancer and many more.

These online platforms are already the most popular way to earn a side income or a full-time income online. If you can write, code, design, animate or do digital marketing, online freelancing platforms are your best friends.

Most of my friends and I partly earn by offering various services online including writing, designing, web developing and even consulting.

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Blogging is confusing and most people do not realize that it is a lucrative endeavor. There are people in my friend circle who have made over a million dollars by blogging.

Brands are always looking for relevant content creators to advertise on or just looking for new content that suits their product. Blog with a good following is an influencer gold mine.

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It takes some time to build a blog and pull the audience in but when you do, your earnings may be through the roof!

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Making money online has never been so easy. This is by far the easiest job you can find online and get paid for.

If you have some free time (2-3 hours per day) then you can add further income in your pocket by working as a captcha solver.

You need to be very fast in order to earn a better income. You can get paid up to $2 for every 1000 captchas you solve.


A lot of people are looking to learn from your experience or want to know more about niche subjects. If you do not think there is a demand out there for content like this, you have to check Amazon’s eBook section.

A lot of self-publishing writers are coming up and making their mark in the ‘Indie’ genre.

There are lots of indie writers who make $10,000/month through their eBook sales alone.


This is somewhat an extension of freelancing. The services that you provide online can also be designed in a course for people to learn from.

I have a course on Mastering Real Estate License Exam running on platforms like Udemy which allow me to earn a passive income on top of the freelancing gigs.

My students can also opt to get in direct contact with me for advance courses. If you are not afraid to put yourself out there on a video for a good 5+ hours course this is an incredible way for you to earn a living.

By creating your courses you will not only make money online but also share your knowledge with others who are looking for it.


If you’re a social media enthusiast and have got a good presence online, you can start pulling in money immediately by promoting all sorts of products and services.

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Companies are looking to increase their digital presence to indirectly increase their sales.

Affiliate Marketing is a great channel to use your online presence or promotion chops to make extra income.

There are several publishing platforms out there that will give you access to advertisers and you’ll make a good commission on those promotions.


There are a variety of tasks, but most commonly they involve data entry, web research or form filling. Since these are never-ending tasks, companies require a lot of people to come together and do it for them.

Data entry seems mindless but if you have a good typing speed and knowledge of how this works, you can make a good amount from it.

I piece of advice before accepting data entry job is to not work with individuals on sites such as Fiverr, upwork, freelancer unless they have good track record. Also do not agree to do any sample data entry job for anyone as those are scams.


YouTube is one of those things which will take a lot of work and unique content along with an on-camera personality to make it work.

If you’re one of those people who likes to delve into new avenues, then frankly YouTube is for you.

With basic editing skills and a good phone camera, you can start your own YouTube journey today.

This is quite a lucrative avenue since advertisers are looking for fresh and family-friendly content on YouTube for advertising and promoting brands.


This is the easiest way to earn money online but it also requires a little research and on foot wandering around the city to find local wholesalers of goods that people would want to buy online.

You will also need some space to store the inventory and some seed money to start with. Having said that, I will advice on starting with 1 or 2 small items before getting into large scale and bigger items.

Items like traditional curtains or carpets have quite a demand online. Instead of making one of your own and then selling it online, simply find a good wholesaler, test the product quality and set up a platform to sell it online or register yourself as a seller on eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay.

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I have personally bought traditional lamps, a chandelier and I can guarantee you; those were not made by the website I purchased it from.

I will give another piece of advice here if you are interested in doing this. When you buy any item from local sellers, try to build relations and have them agree to a return policy. This way if you can’t sell the item say in 1 week’s time, then just return it to get your money back.


Last but not the least, register for online surveys. These are one of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash.

Brands, corporations and market research firms desperately need opinions and feedback from people on their products and services which offer good compensation for your participation.

Depending on the complexity, surveys can make you a good $5-$10 approximately per survey. There are many good reputable survey companies you can sign up with and begin your journey.

Find companies that give you plenty of surveys to take and pay you a decent amount.

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There are several other ways to make money online but these are few which I and people I know have tried and tested.

I would recommend you, to take them up and try for yourself. Everything takes time to build, start with these 10 and I’m certain at least a couple of them will work for you.

What do you think about our top ten picks for making money online? Let us know in the comments below if you have more tips and tricks for the same.

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10 Best Ideas to Make Money Online

10 Ideas to make money online
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