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11 Best Morning Routines for Success

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Morning-Routines-by-Make-Living-GoodAre you struggling with your purpose in life? Does your mind keep wandering all day without any clarity? Do you feel frustrated by end of the day for not fulfilling your dreams? If so, you are not alone. Most of us are like that. I can guarantee that it all starts with our daily morning routines.

How we wake up, what is the first thought that we let get into our head, what we read first, etc makes a lot of difference between a good day and a bad day. My definition for a good day is when I am positive about myself and have a good productive day.

Ever since I realized the importance of morning routines on my day, I have become very particular about my morning habits to start my day off right. In this post, I will share with you my exact morning routines that I follow everyday. I strongly believe that having a successful day means higher chances of living a successful life.

Best Morning Routines For Success

Here are the exact morning rituals that I perform every day after waking up.

1/ Revise goals and life’s purpose

First thing in my morning routines is reminding myself the goal of the day and my life’s purpose. I believe this keeps me on right track for rest of the day.

Most people spend their lives sleep walking through it and that happens when they don’t have a clear purpose of their lives.

If you haven’t found your life’s purpose yet, then I highly recommend you to ask below questions to yourself to find one:

Question#1 – What is it that you will do even if you are not paid for it?

Question#2 – Why you want to do it? (e.g. I want to be remembered for it after I am gone)

Question#3 – Will you still spend time on it if today is the last day of your life?

In fact I have written answer to these 3 questions, printed it and framed it on my bathroom wall. So, I can read it while brushing my teeth or other important morning rituals.

2/ Brush your teeth with different hand everyday

Now this may sound strange to you but just brushing our teeth with a different hand everyday builds new neuron connections in our brain. You will be surprised to know that this simple activity in morning routines can actually make us a little smarter day by day.

When I started brushing my teeth with a different hand in the morning, I realized that it’s not as simple as it sounds. My hand had to adjust for the correct position and movements in order to brush the teeth properly. It actually takes a little bit of effort on my side to get this into my morning habits.

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There’s an excellent book on power of habits. I highly recommend you check it out.

3/ Drink a lot of water

My body doesn’t really need much water throughout the day. I can easily survive without water for a day or two.

For most part of my life, I wasn’t really water lover. But I realized it was a big mistake on my side.

Human body is made up of 70% of water. So, I thought to myself that if human body is largely made up of water, then I must keep giving it enough supply of it to stay healthy. That’s why I made it as part of my morning routines to drink as much of water as I can. This solves 2 purposes:

  1. First it hydrates my body and keeps my mind fresh;
  2. Secondly, even if I forget to drink enough water through out the day, I won’t be much impacted as I had lots of it in the morning itself.

Here is a cool product that I found recently on amazon to track our water intake.

On a quick side note, I recommend you following posts:

4/ Exercise

As I have covered in my post – Top habits of successful people that I am working on too, an exercise plan is aggressively followed by successful people in the world. There must be something that they know about the importance of exercising and a common man doesn’t.

When we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in our brain that reduce our perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine; according to webmd.

I think few minutes of exercising really helps us not just in staying fit or avoid illness but also boost our energy levels for the day.

Thats why I added an exercise plan in my morning routines. Here are my favorite equipments (one & two) that I bought recently to exercise at home and results are very promising so far. I suggest you to try them out if not already done.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

5/ Meditation

Another important morning ritual of my day is to perform 15 minutes of meditation daily.

Basically it is just a simple breathing exercise that I do right after the physical workout. Having meditation as part of my morning routines helps me to calm myself and focus better throughout the day.

With help of meditation, I can remove unnecessary thoughts & worries from my mind and focus on important things in life.

So a 15 minute breathing exercise is great for this. While doing meditation, I listen to calm & relaxing sounds which you can find here for free.

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6/ Clean up work environment

Next item in my morning routines is to clean up my desk, computers, and room before I start the work for the day.

Having a clean environment keeps the good energy flowing in the room which helps in improving the productivity at work. For cleaning my room, I use a smart robo cleaner which greatly reduces my work and saves a lot of time & energy for me.

7/ Start with small task

To help me boost my moral for the day, I start with a small task in the morning such as reading few pages of book, writing notes, etc.

This task shouldn’t take more than an hour to finish. When it’s completed, I feel really good about achieving something right in the beginning of my day.

This particular morning ritual keeps me motivated throughout the day and let me feel good about myself.

After all pumped up with motivation and energy, I move onto more challenging tasks for the day which require more energy and focus.

I use a day planner for keeping track of my tasks for the day, week and month. I highly recommend you to use the same.

8/ Avoid all sorts of news channels

It took me a while to learn this. Until last year, first thing that I used to do in my morning routines was to turn on the news while using toilet in the morning. As if I was the president of united states and need to know what happened around the world while I was sleeping.

How do you think my day would go after listening to all kinds of fear mongering that these news channels do all day for us.

If stock markets are down, I used to get worried about my investments.

If some crime happened even not in my city, I get frustrated and worried.

Most of the times it spoiled my entire day and shifted my focus completely off my goals and purpose of the life for the day.

I am happy to tell you that I have completely removed this morning habit from my system and now I listen to John Rim, Tony Robinson, or read some book in the morning.

9/ Gratitude

This is often neglected by lots of people. But what I found in my study on top habits of successful people, that all successful people show some sort of gratitude towards what they have got in their lives.

When I added this item in my morning ritual, I felt much more positive about my life and loving family I got.

So tomorrow morning, after you wake up, ask this question to yourself;

  1. What are the top 3 things in your life that you feel thankful for.
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This will immediately change your mood and all of a sudden positive energy start flowing through your body.

In addition to above question, I also ask myself a follow-up question:

  1. What is the next thing that I will be grateful to add to my list but I haven’t achieved it yet.

This question has the power to motivate and help me move towards my goals.

10/ Write my journal

Next thing I do as part of my morning routines, is write my journal.

I basically write about my previous day like what I accomplished, what I learned and what I should do more.

It takes me only 15 – 20 minutes to finish it.

In the end, I also write what I am going to do today & how I will do it in as clear form as possible. This works as sort of daily plan of action for me with clear path. Then rest of the day, I keep working on this plan until I achieve my daily goal.

It’s important to align your daily goals towards your life’s goal. Otherwise you will be working entire your life on building a road to nowhere.

11/ Brain Smoothie

Before starting my work, I make a super brain smoothie (get recipe) using my ninja.

This gives me enough rush of energy to finish the work. For next couple of hours I have enough energy & focus to finish my tasks for the day. When low in energy, I get little boosts of energy using energy drinks.

This concludes my daily morning routines. Following this morning ritual every day, has helped me in achieving much larger goals in a day than I could imagine of. After following this routine, you will notice that 80% of your daily work is completed by lunch time. That’s the beauty of performing these morning routines every day.

I believe these are simple morning routines which can be adopted by anyone. Once its adopted in our habits system, it becomes natural part of our lives and we don’t have to put any effort into it.

In addition to setting ourselves for success, it’s also very important to keep an eye on what our kids are watching on televisions or similar devices these days. Here are my plans to save my kids from TV violence this year.

I would love to hear about your daily morning rituals or morning habits and how you start your day. Let us meet in the comments below.

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