My Ebates Review to Earn Unlimited Cashback

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Earn Cashback with Ebates - MakeLivingGoodWhen it comes to online shopping I am always looking for the best money-saving deals available out there. Ebates is one of the best cashback websites that I found about a year ago and so far it is going great with it. So, I decided to write about it – Ebates Review. In this post, I will share everything that you need to know for starting saving money with Ebates cashback offers with no extra work from your end.

Being rich is a process that requires persistence and focus. One of the key item to stay rich is to save money wherever you can. Any kind of wastage for long, could be disastrous for your net worth. More money saved means more money stays in your pocket for you to invest for future or spend on something you really want. You might be thinking how Ebates will help you in this. So, let me share with you what I recently found about online shopping, meaning anything ordered from an online website such as ebay, amazon, etc can actually save some money without any extra efforts on my part. But before I move to ebates review, I want to briefly talk about how I shop online and what are the steps that I follow in my online shopping.

On a quick sideline, I recommend you to check a great app to invest your money without paying any fees, which puts more money back to your pockets.

Online shopping process that I follow

Before buying anything, I prefer to do some research about the deals. Often, online stores provide much better deals compared to brick & mortar stores. I recently bought an awesome & cool baby stroller for my little one (which our parents had this) and a new phone for myself using online shopping and ebates cashbacks. In both items, I saved between 20-25% compared to brick & mortar stores. So, I highly recommend you to follow similar exercise while planning to buy anything.

Once my research is complete; I place the order and excitedly wait for it. Now let’s start with why I think ebates is best way to shop online and why its one of the great ways to make extra money online.

My Ebates Review to Earn Unlimited Cashback

What is Ebates

Ebates is a website that gives you cashback on your online shopping done through it at the stores of your choice. In other words, you will still shop at stores of your choice, but ebates has a way to offer you cashback on your purchases. It gives you hassle free money on the things you shop online anyway from your favorite stores. Remember there’s no requirement to place orders on ebates. So, you will not even search products on ebates at all (more on this later).

Getting extra money is always fun isn’t it? It is free to register on Ebates and it doesn’t cost anything to earn cashback on purchases. You don’t even need to go to ebates website to earn cashback (more on this later). I will explain in this post how you can do it within 60 seconds and start earning free unlimited cashbacks.

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On a side note, you might like to read more about healthy lifestyle for happiness.

How Ebates Works

As we learned, Ebates is a cashback website so in order to earn cashback from ebates, first thing we need to do is create a free account on their website. If you use my link, you will earn $10 welcome bonus just for registering on ebates.

In short it’s a 3 step process to start earning the cashbacks from ebates.

Process to earn cashback from Ebates like websites - MakeLivingGood

Once the account is created, you need to log into your account and click on any store that you want to shop on from ebates website as shown here. As you can see all top stores are present on ebates which is great as we can literally find any product we want to buy.

Earn Free Cashback from Ebates - MakeLivingGood

Once you click on a store’s link from ebates website, it will take you to the merchant’s own website such as ebay or amazon etc. From there onwards, you can shop as you normally would do on merchant’s website. Once the order is placed on merchant’s website, you will automatically earn a cashback in your Ebates account which takes 2-3 days from your purchase date.

That’s it.

Which online stores are on Ebates

Now the obvious question is; is your favorite store on ebates or not? Well, I would be surprised if it is not. Why don’t you try to search for your favorite store now using my link while I wait here. Remember you will earn $10 free welcome bonus when you sign up with my link.

Ebates has a huge collection of online shopping websites. You can find almost all big stores on Ebates such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl, shutterfly, overstock, just to name a few.

You can also find great deals on hotels or vacation trips that you were planning. For travels, I also recommend you to checkout Airbnb which offers great places to stay at reasonable prices while you are on a tour. If you register on Airbnb using my link you will earn $40 credit on your booking at airbnb. I highly recommend it.

Another great thing that I liked about ebates is that it provides a lot of options to earn cashback, not just on physical products but for great services too. For instance, you can build skills by enrolling into Udemy courses and get up to 12% cashback on the course price. I have talked about why personal skill building is key to our success in my post – Top habits of successful people that I am working on too. I recommend you to check that post. It has a great list of habits to start working on today.

Ebates Review - Coupons MakeLivingGood

How Ebates makes money

Ebates make its money through affiliate marketing. What it means is that, the stores pay a commission to ebates for sending the traffic to their website at no additional cost to people like you and me who use ebates. Ebates share a percentage of that commission with us as cashbacks.

When I got to know about ebates, I was really pissed off initially for not taking advantage of it for so many years that I was shopping online. By the way, Ebates started in 1998, so I could have saved serious amount of money by now.

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But it’s never too late to wake up and start adopting good money-saving habits as eventually it will add up and help me achieve my financial freedom.

Read more about how to make extra money online in spare time.

No need to go through ebates website

Honestly, I had this question as well initially, that should I always have gone to ebates website, find my favorite store & click the store link every time before start shopping online? It seems a lot of work for me as well. But ebates have thought about it too and that’s why they came up with totally hassle-free solution. Thats another reason I love this ebates.

Ebates came up with a browser plugin; a kind of extension that we can install from internet for whatever browser we are using. This plugin silently watch for deals on stores that we visit in our browser and once it finds that store has some deal going on, it will give us an option to activate the deal right on that page. It couldn’t be more easier than this. As you can see, when I went to, ebates automatically told me that there’s a 2% cashback deal available on gap online store and I can simply activate this deal by clicking the link (red button that says Activate 2% cash back). From there onwards, when I finished placing the order on gap online store, I will automatically get 2% of amount spent in cashback on ebates account.

Ebates Chrome Plugin Activation

You can download these free plugins for your browsers from these links: safari, firefox and chrome.

ebates browser plugins - makelivinggood

Ebates Mobile App

If you like shopping on your phone, then ebates also has their mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. Here’s the link to download those apps. Please keep a note that when you register on ebates, make sure you used my link for it so you can get $10 free cashback, otherwise you won’t get it.

How much we can earn in cashback

What I really like about cashback is that it varies from store to store and also on items to items. So, for instance Macy’s is giving 6% cashback while Jane is offering 10% as of today. So, it helps me make quick decisions about which store I can get maximum savings from.

ebates cashback deals - makelivinggood

I have also noticed that within a store, the amount of cashback varies from item to item. So, please ensure your item has the cashback that you are looking for before you place the order.

What if I have discount coupons from stores

If you have discount coupons or gift cards from stores, even then you can use ebates. Any amount paid on final bill will be eligible to earn cashback. This is exactly what I did when I bought a nice Chefman Air fryer.

How I saved money and earned double cashback

It is also important to structure our purchases wisely to multiple our savings. Let me give you an example of how I bought Chefman – Air Fryer – Black for less than 50% off using Ebates & rewards. I asked my wife to sign up with ebates using this link which earned her $10 welcome bonus. We had an amazon gift card worth $40 that we had received some time back in rewards from them. On top of this, we used discover credit card which was offering 5% cashback on purchases from amazon store. Ebates was offering 5% cashback on electronics purchased from amazon on that week. So, we had bought this air fryer for $100 while our rewards and cashback was totaling to $52 ($10 + $40 + $1 + $1). This great air fryer from Chefman is great and I highly recommend you to switch to air fryers and live healthy.

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Chefman 6.5 Liter:6.8 Quart Air Fryer w:Rotisserie Function For The Perfect Fried Food, Oil-Free Programmable Air Roaster w:Cool-Touch Exterior, BPA Free -

In another instance, I have used Ebates to book a flight ticket which earned me 2% cashback in addition to 5% which I got from my credit card. So, I saved about 7% in total on a ticket which was a good amount to save.

Finally imagine that you could do same for all your expenses throughout the year. I am sure you will save a very good amount of money in cashbacks which will be enough to buy other stuffs for free.

In my opinion, ebates really helps me in achieving my frugal living goals and saving extra money on the sides.

The Verdict

I am totally in love with ebates. I think it’s a smart choice to save money wherever we can and with Ebates we don’t have to do much to earn good amount of cashbacks anyways. There’s no change in the way I do shop online after I installed the browser plugins. I even get to save money by using discount offers and coupon codes plus I earn cashback from Ebates on final amount paid.

In addition to this, I further increase my cashback by using a credit card that gives me rewards on purchases.

Related Content

In my ebates review, I wanted to cover as much details as possible for anyone to make a decision on whether they would like to use the service or not. I hope you would find this ebates review useful. If you like to start with ebates, I recommend you to use this link to earn $10 welcome bonus.

In the end, there are many other websites like EBates that offer you cashbacks and I will love to hear about ones that you are using, let us meet in comments below.

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